I think I can fix two problems at once by saving money and lives. Everyone now speaks of, “if we can save just one life” then we should pass new laws. Well, someone needs to explain to me why we are still making vehicles that go to 160 mph. Last time I checked the limit was 65 below Bangor, and only slightly higher north. Think of all the lives that would be saved, to say nothing of fuel consumption. This reduces oil dependence and lowers emissions. Maybe Angus King will submit that as law.

As to saving money, our esteemed senators rant about entitlements such as Social Security, Medicaid and such that the seniors and poor seem to believe is their right. I still don’t understand why senators get a check for life just for being elected (editors note: senators are vested in their pension after five years). Isn’t this a huge financial burden, considering 75 percent are already millionaires? If they are not in office they should no longer get paid. I don’t. Did someone say their health care is better than everyone else’s? I thought they could not write laws to set themselves above the commoner. When our legislators stop feeling entitled it would go a ways toward reducing the problem. Lastly, I think we should shorten terms of office. This would hopefully keep our esteemed senators from getting too far from their constituents before we replace them. Sadly I don’t believe there is an honest soul in Washington who will take any of these steps. It’s just my Christmas wish list.

Jay McDougal


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