As sad and demonic as are the shootings in Newtown, Conn. and other schools, malls, businesses etc. around our nation, it is not the fault of the weapons used, but the demoralization of our society and the failures of the governmental, judicial, law enforcement and education systems.

Having said that, I realize a majority within each of these groups is doing its utmost to follow admirable principles and ethics that predominate our free society. We don’t need more laws, probably fewer, but we must use laws properly — incarcerating real criminals instead of those committing victimless crimes. We can’t keep excusing violent offenders with fines, plea bargains and probation. They need serious jail time that sends a message.

We need fewer radar guns, and more patrolmen on the beat in communities. We must contain mentally ill, potentially violent persons in places where they can be treated, and not released into society simply drugged up and temporarily docile.

We don’t need more money for education, but must teach students what’s necessary to be productive, not indoctrinate them how to be socially and politically correct.

Furthermore, we must not rely on drugging the children into obedient behavior, but make learning appealing — and encourage them to “do unto others …”

Lastly, we need to discourage and repeal legislation that continues our generational “welfare society,” single-parent families and encourage productivity and individual responsibility.

Wayne Leach


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