Bill Nemitz has 20 questions for the NRA, but why?

It was not the fault of the NRA that this nut decided to shoot his mother and all those children.

Why don’t we just fault the mothers of all the killers in the country, after all that is where it started, right? While we are about it, let’s dig in there deep and do a DNA on all expectant mothers to see if the child that they are carrying will be a potential killer or a member of the NRA. Do you think that will fix the problem?

I know that this is over the top, but I think Nemitz was over the top as well.

How do we all stop a nut from getting their hands on a gun? Do we disarm all people in the country? That’s a huge job. There are a lot of people trying to do just that by taking away our Second Amendment rights.

Do we want to lose our rights that the founding fathers gave us? I don’t, and I am sure that a lot of people in this great country won’t stand for it. I have not heard that the NRA condones murder by some nut.

Nemitz should do some research on countries that have had all their guns taken away. I think they were in deep trouble after that.

Francis Whittier


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