I could say shame on Maine for allowing gay marriage, but I have to say shame on some Maine towns taking advantage of the gay marriage vote.

These towns are opening their doors to city hall on a Saturday to allow citizens to get a marriage license on the first day gay marriage becomes legal.

The so-called supporters to pass this law claimed they were not seeking “special rights,” but equal rights.

I’ve never seen any city hall open on a Saturday before to anyone else that wanted a marriage license or any other service.

Those people who work all week would love to come to the town for services on a Saturday, but usually have to take time off work to do that. Smart people know that the towns are doing this so they can attempt to get the soon-to-be announced “First town in Maine to issue a marriage license to a gay couple.”

Shame on the towns for using taxpayer money to pay for these services without at least having a town meeting about it.

Shame on any town that is showing a shortage of funds for their budget, yet think it’s OK to spend money for something that could wait until a regular business day.

The most shame goes to any gay couple that takes advantage of these “special rights” being offered to them when they fought hard for “equal rights.”

I can’t wait to see the news on this huge event, so then I, and others, will see who we thought wanted equal rights are nothing more than hypocrites.

Randy Newcombe


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