I was just viewing some pictures of the many memorials, vigils and funeral services for the Sandy Hook victims. In nearly every picture and video, you could see masses of photographers and videographers.

I understand this tragedy has hit close to home not only for the people of Newtown, Conn., but everywhere around the world. I can’t help but say that I am disgusted.

These families, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students and friends have lost enough. Their privacy during this time of mourning should be respected not captured in photos and videos. Of course, I am one of millions who have also viewed these pictures and videos, but if a child of mine had been abruptly taken from me like this, then I can honestly say I would not want those pictures and videos taken.

People around the world have been holding vigils. Sharing in the grief that the community of Newtown is feeling. It has taken yet another tragedy to unite a nation, the world and many faiths.

It shouldn’t come to this. We are all human. Most of us have children. We live on the same Earth and breathe the same air. The red blood that flows through our veins is the same color in every human.

People ask how and when will these shootings end and I have an answer: It ends with us. Us is the people that have mourned, cried and united in the face of devastation. We are more in number than the ones who commit these heinous crimes.

Love does conquer evil. We need to be the ones to spread that message. Live it every day. We are the ones who must put an end to the madness.

Amy Greenwald


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