Our loved ones serving in the military need their guns to protect themselves, their comrades and civilians caught up in the conflicts. Without them, where would they be?

Guns are not the problem. In the old days, when everybody wore a sidearm, I don’t believe there were any mass shootings.

When I first got out of the military, I taught at a ghetto high school. I once had to fight off a student trying to stab me. If not for my military training, who knows what would have happened. I put the student in the hospital; better him than me.

Now, instead of knives, we have to worry about people with mental problems advancing on our schools with guns.

I’m sure many teachers won’t agree with me, but I think that, when an emergency alarm goes off like at Sandy Hook Elementary School, every teacher should lock up his class and then lock and load his gun.

With all those teachers armed and filling the corridors, an invader wouldn’t stand a chance. A teacher shouldn’t try to reason with someone like that. The minute he raises his weapon, the teacher would open fire to protect themselves and their students.


I hope and pray that with armed security and armed teachers nothing like Sandy Hook will ever happen again.

As a former teacher, I believe a teacher’s role is not just to educate but also “to protect and serve.” They should keep kids safe from bullies and other mental issues, be a disciplinarian, be compassionate and always be looking out for the students’ welfare.

These are the same roles of our police officers. In my opinion, teachers need guns, just as police do. I believe all teachers should be trained and certified to carry a concealed hand gun.

Frank Slason


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