Ask yourself: If you were mentally unstable and wanted to cause harm, would you take your arsenal and shoot up a police convention or a school? Without a doubt, you would pick a school, because if you did so at the convention your efforts would be thwarted by multiple guns firing back at you.

In most states it is a felony to possess a gun on school property, even for security personnel. Imagine a security person responding with mace, night stick and threatening words. Gun laws need to be loosened, not tightened.

Concealed-permit holders as well as trained security personnel should be allowed to carry on school property. If a would-be gunman knew there was a chance that there would be someone firing back at them, you can bet they would rethink their actions.

Each time there is a tragedy and new laws are passed, they have nothing to do with the incident, nor would they have prevented it. The gunman broke several laws — guns on school property and murder, both of which are already on the books.

Reduced clip capacities? It takes less than a second to change your clip. Furthermore, there is no such thing as an assault weapon, it’s merely a different caliber. Gun control is less about guns and more about control. Outlaw guns and only outlaws carry them. If guns didn’t exist, people would find other ways to cause harm.

Dennis Lafontaine


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