In the wake of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy, The Journal News (New York) on Dec. 23 published “in the best interest of the public” an interactive map with names and addresses of gun owners in a tri-county area. As a result of their actions, they have put many people in harm’s way. More than 8,000 NYPD law enforcement officials, both retired and active, are listed on that map (40 percent of the names).

This information will allow criminals to exact payback and nothing more. It also will allow criminals to pick and choose what house(s) to rob.

Will we ever see them publish an interactive map of convicted felons? Probably not. Although the First Amendment (and New York state law) allows for the publishing of this type of information, it is my opinion that this type of information serves no purpose or justice for those who died in Newton. It just shows what extremists we have become as a society when tragedy strikes.

The same could be said for those who overtly claim Second Amendment rights. It is a shame that we have become a society of knee jerk reactors with only two sides of an issue, black and white, far left or far right.

What has become of those who look at the whole picture? The good, the bad and the indifferent, the gray.

For this is what our society and why our Constitution was established. I don’t think our forefathers intended this type of interpretation to happen. Maybe, just maybe, calmer heads will prevail and we will, once again, become the United States of America. Bless those children and teachers who needlessly lost their lives, and bless those family members for their losses.

Mark A. Hudson


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