Let’s talk about the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment has been bi-sected, tri-sected and quadri-sected. I am going to cinque-sect it.

It first talks about a well-regulated military. Bravo! Then our less-than-super-intelligent Founding Fathers must have stopped for a snifter or two and decided to consider the business of the moment.

“Oh yes, thank you, just a dollop more, now where were we?” “Sir, we were on the Third Amendment, oops, I think it was the Second.” “Well, Let’s finish it, no, not the brandy, the amendment.”

So, the less-than-sober gentlemen who should have been home in bed sleeping it off added the right to bear arms to the citizens. Never did they consider that there may be bad guys out there.

They did say that the citizens could bear arms, but nothing about shooting them. Where did that right come from?

Sleep well, you Founding Fathers.

Robert W. Vitolo


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