Think about the sword and the shield. Which came first in early history? My bet it was the sword. Only when the man with the sword began killing the other man regularly did that second man devise the shield to protect himself. So now we have kids in school being slain by the modern sword, aka the assault rifle.

Banning guns and clips is a poor choice for a shield. Buying a bulletproof backpack which is most likely stored in a locker and unavailable in an emergency? Not a likely solution.

Enter the shield. Make all student desks with bulletproof tops (Kevlar, etc.) teacher desks should also be bullet proof and like the standard fire drill, teach kids how to shield themselves behind their desks. No need for expensive police with pistols against automatic gunfire and armed teachers, just an effective, defensive shield, beats more swords. That’s my solution, you got one?

Ben Thomas


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