This letter is about the U.S. Postal Service, with the word “service” underlined.

Now that it has served us well over the years, some people seem to think it’s time to toss it aside like all of us old people.

The Department of Defense and the USPS jointly operate a postal system to deliver mail for the military, known as the Army Post Office for Army and USAF postal facilities and Fleet Post Office for Navy, USMC and USCG postal facilities.

What will happen to them when our politicians allow the Postal Service to go down the drain?

Many of Americans have made the postal service an object of ridicule compared to sleeker private-sector operations such as FedEx and UPS. Those companies, however, may use the postal service to complete the last leg of their deliveries to the less populated areas. It’s cheaper for them to let the postal service do the dirty work for them.

People think 45 cents (or whatever) a letter to travel across country is expensive now, they should wait until private enterprise gets ahold of our mail. (Especially those who don’t own a computer.)

Their sign will read, “We don’t deliver there, try the other guy.”

People should remember reading this letter in years to come. I’ll be long gone, but others still will be here paying the price.

Our politicians don’t have any interest in our postal service so they will let it go down the drain and keep backing the oil, banks and car companies. They’re money in their pockets.

Don Belanger


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