I have a response for Marion Schmidt (letter, “2 suggestions to add to list of questions for NRA,” Dec. 27).

If there were no guns would there be fewer deaths? Ask the folks the Romans ran over long before there were any guns. Ask the millions that Adolf Hitler’s Germany killed with poison gas. What about the Indians in America and they people they killed with arrows?

If everybody had a gun, would there be fewer deaths? If all law-abiding folks had guns and were trained to use them, I believe there would be many fewer deaths. If guns were banned, then only crooks and killers would have guns and they would not hesitate to use them.

The weapons do not kill, only the persons who choose to use them for that purpose. If we truly want to save many innocent folks from being killed, then we should ban automobiles from the highway. And that probably would make about as much sense to Schmidt, as banning my gun makes to me.

Ronald Slicer


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