In response to Bill Nemitz’s column (“A closer look into Justin’s world,” Dec. 28), I’d like to take a closer look into Nemitz’s world.

He says Justin Dean lives in a world of “pure paranoia.” My dictionary defines “paranoia” as “a psychosis marked by delusions and irrational suspicion.”

It is not delusional or irrational to fear any incidents that have occurred repeatedly. And violent crime happens even here in Maine. Newtown, Conn., was by all reports a very peaceful, safe community. If mass murder could happen there, it could happen anywhere, including here in Maine.

Every time there has been an outbreak of violence, people have been stunned that it could happen in their community. But people have been faced with violence in school and after school, movie theaters, malls and restaurants. Just because it hasn’t happened here, doesn’t mean it couldn’t.

I am not advocating that everyone go around with holstered weapons. I would suggest that Dean get a concealed weapons permit. That way he is safe and able to protect others should the occasion arise, and it does not cause undue anxiety in others.

Nemitz obviously lives in a fantasy world where everyone loves everyone and no one ever does any harm to anyone. It would be a wonderful world and I would love to live there. That world, however, does not exist.

Sandra L. Mills


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