I have read many articles about how to prevent what happened in Connecticut from happening again.

The one solution I haven’t read is changing the culture of violence that is in the world today.

You can ban assault rifles and high round clips, most of which are bought by law-abiding Americans, but if a deranged person thinks violence is the answer he will get them.

It started with the cavemen when they fought over food; the Bible when God said you won’t follow my rules I’ll wipe you out, and it rained for 40 days; when your kid won’t do what you say, and you paddle his butt.

The Marine Corps taught me that fighting, violence, is an absolute last resort. In today’s culture it’s the first reaction.

The fix has to start with us. It’s not easy to be nonviolent but somehow I have pulled it off for 40-plus years through some of the most violent times in our country’s recent history. You have to be able to tolerate verbal abuse to the max. Words can’t hurt you.

Sometimes the use of violence can’t be avoided. I am an ex-Marine. I was taught how to kill, and I remember every bit of it. I am not afraid to defend myself, or anyone else for that matter; it’s just that when you put violence to number two or three on the reaction list many times violence never happens.

Hippies had it right; they just weren’t taken seriously. Their nonviolence never caught on.

If we all start to think that way again, then I think things like the Connecticut shootings will never happen again.

Ralph Doiron


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