A budget. How that brings back memories.

We started our marriage with something called budget envelopes. That was back in those days when people took responsibility for their financial woes. Do budget envelopes even exist today?

We were part of a generation that believed we could not spend more than we earned. What has happened to that concept?

Our federal government has not passed a budget for more than three years even though it is the law. Oh, I forgot, laws are only for “we the people,” not for the Washington establishment.

Perhaps if our elected officials were made to enforce the laws, run the country on a budget, stop spending our money recklessly and lead by example, we would not be in this fiscal crisis.

We the people should demand our bureaucrats in Washington to stop all this wasteful spending, stop all the increases in their salaries (what have they done to deserve it?), stop the lavish vacations and get back to basics.

Simple math: Do not spend more than what is in the budget envelope. What part of this don’t they get?

Margie Thibault


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