In a recent article, Waterville Mayor Karen Heck articulated highlights of the year 2012 for the city.

She went through a list that was truly remarkable. One that I could not reconcile, however, was the “hiring of a new Thomas College president.” I don’t understand what the city of Waterville had to do with the hiring of a new president for Thomas College.

Another item that confused me was citing Waterville’s Public Works for an outstanding job. She said one only has to go through a Waterville-Fairfield town line to see the difference in snow plowing.

I found this to be an odd comparison as Waterville has an area of 14 square miles while Fairfield has 54 square miles to plow.

Just thought I would set straight some of the facts. By the way, I don’t live in Waterville or Fairfield.

Jean Pouliot


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