On Dec. 21, my sister, my daughter and I were in Hallowell to have a birthday celebration lunch together.

The weather was wretched, pouring rain, and we ran from our car to the restaurant. When I got inside, I realized that an important piece of business mail had dropped from my purse. My daughter went back looking for it but couldn’t find it. I was so upset I could hardly enjoy our time together.

Two days later, I received a large manilla envelope in the mail. It was my lost business letter, which had a money order inside. Attached was a note that said the envelope had been found outside the restaurant and picked up and returned to me. It was signed “A Friend.”

Dear Friend, thank you so much for returning the envelope. I really couldn’t afford to lose it. I’m so grateful for your time in picking it up and mailing it. Many thanks. It made my Christmas.

Sally Oliver


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