Scott Bolduc (article, “Innovator lauded by Chamber,” Dec. 28) was 16 years old when he joined the Aviation Explorer Scout Post I formed when I was in the Air Force and stationed at Colby College in 1971.

It was obvious to me Bolduc was extremely intelligent and highly motivated to learn about all aspects of flying. A few months later, he entered an essay contest for a trip to visit NASA at Cape Canaveral, Fla.

I chose his essay for submission to the next level in the Scouting organization. His essay won him the trip.

Since I retired from the Air Force in the summer of 1972, I have had no personal contact with Bolduc. In the intervening 40 years, however, his mother has informed me about his achievements during the three or four times we have met.

The Chamber of Commerce has chosen to honor him for his success in pursuit of both his personal and professional goals. I am pleased they are doing so.

Perhaps in some very small way, I may have helped Bolduc in his pursuit of his goals. That is how a teacher is rewarded for their efforts.


Don G. Harris


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