WATERVILLE — Women soon will be able to serve in combat in the U.S. military, following a decision by the Pentagon to lift a rule that formerly restricted them from artillery, armor, infantry and other, similar roles. Students at two area colleges on Thursday said they mostly support the decision.

“I feel its a good thing for the U.S. to do. It’s a step forward for women and all Americans. There are still things we need to work on but it’s a positive step.”
— Kurt Martin, 25, Thomas College senior, of Unity

“I like the fact that women are on an equal playing field. I’m sure there will be extra training they have to go through now, but I like that they can be equal.”
— Mikenzi Merrill, 19, Thomas College sophomore, of Bridgton

“I think it’s OK if women want to help serve and they are willing to put themselves there.”
— Brooklyn Curry, 19, Thomas College freshman, of Belfast

“I personally don’t think I would like to go into the military, but if a woman wants to be out there doing her part for her nation, that’s her right. It’s part of our right to choose.”
— Christine Francis, 19, Colby College freshman, of Lexington, Mass.

“It seems like an odd thing to have in the first place and it seems good to have it removed. The ban seems like it gives the idea that women need to be protected, which they don’t, especially if they join the military. I think if there was a draft, though, people might think differently.”
— Tyler Parrott, 21, Colby College senior, of Oakland, Calif.

“All these things seem like a no-brainer to me. Women should have choices with their bodies. If a woman wants to send that body into combat, they should be able to.”
— Lindsay DiBartholomeo, 20, Colby College junior, of Weston, Conn.

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