I am a student, almost 13 years old, and I do not find that passing the bill that would allow teachers to have firearms in school would make students safer.

I understand that these recent tragedies are affecting many people, and that Sen. David Burns, R-Whiting, like many others, would like to help these crises pass as smoothly as possible.

I assure you that this is not the perfect solution. For one thing, the guns should not be concealed. For another, the teaching degree, especially for substitutes, is not set high enough. Kindergarten-grade 5 teachers only need a teacher’s degree and a background check. Substitutes, bus drivers, janitors, lunch ladies, sport coaches, art, physical education, technology teachers just need a background check.

Teachers are shamed for taking personal days. So, if a teacher comes to school after a family crisis, they will most likely not sustain their usual patience with students or fellow teachers. Also, what if the weapon misfires? What happens then?

Some reasonable aftermath might include a ton of scared-for-life students, a call to 911, a wounded teacher, a wounded student, upset parents, a lawsuit claim to the school and lost funding.

These are just some of the outcomes, and all lead back to the bill being passed.

Or what about unstable teachers? You know, bad guys aren’t just born with a bad background and 22 years (18 years of school, four years of college) isn’t that long to figure out whether you’re going to be a killer or a good citizen. Look back in teacher history trials and convictions. Some aren’t that grand.

My point is, in my opinion, passing this bill will just make it easier for killers to get to their prey.

Emilee Fortier

North Anson

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