The Children’s Defense Fund wants us to believe that we need to get rid of guns to protect our children.

According to the FBI Web page for murders by age, however, the majority of children up to age 4 are killed by hands/feet/fists (139) followed by “other,” which includes drowning (74), then firearms (46).

Why then the focus on guns as a danger to children? The protection of the children under age 4 is not being addressed by CDF at the expense of a focus on guns. I submit that its real agenda is to remove guns from the people; not for their protection, but for their control.

Despots have slaughtered millions of people in history — unarmed people.

First the guns, then the control of the masses by a few in government, then what? Our military is prepared for the “what” in a document about civil disturbance provided by Public Intelligence, an international research project.

Found on page 20:

“(4) In addition, the following policies regarding the use of deadly force will be observed:

(a) Give an order to halt.

(b) Warning shot will not be fired.

(c) When a firearm is discharged it will be fired with the intent of rendering the person(s) at whom it is discharged incapable of continuing that activity or course of behavior prompting the individual to shoot.”

That is what our young soldiers will do to us if we do not follow orders. It has happened before. Are we ready?

Larry Grimard


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