The release of a poll this month by the Public Policy Polling, a national firm, showed that Gov. Paul LePage is among the least popular governors in the country, yet he likely would finish first in a three-way campaign.

Why does our governor act like a spoiled child, banging his fist on his desk, walking out and then coming back and swearing at all the people who question his supplemental budget ideas?

Is this what we have to look forward to when too many Democrats and/or independents run against a Republican? This skews the odds of any one of them winning and allows a Republican to win with hardly any of the popular votes. Democrats better wake up with 2014 coming fast.

Now it appears that even some of the governor’s own party are disagreeing with some of his outrageous ideas. Perhaps that says something about lock step.

This, in my opinion, is what happens when a political bloc, such as the tea party, starts out with the right agenda and gets its favorites elected. Then they were saddled with an order not to vote yea on anything the Democrats try to pass. Political folly on the grandest scale.

Maine, however, is starting to show some promise with legislators compromising across the aisles, even though the governor doesn’t like that kind of unity. Let’s hope the old saying is true, “As Maine goes so goes the nation” and that Washington follows suit.

I don’t think Paul LePage will seek re-election, but if another Republican wins, he or she will be an improvement.

LePage is a brilliant man saddled with an outspoken and crass demeanor that unfortunately turns off many people. I voted for him, but unfortunately, he is no gentleman or great communicator like Ronald Reagan.

Frank Slason


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