Ashley Underwood said that she had no specific knowledge of the upcoming season, which has already been filmed, but she offered her predictions about their chances of success.

Phillip Sheppard, 54, of Santa Monica, Calif.

The former federal agent who often seemed unable to contain verbal outbursts on a wide range of topics is unlikely to do well this time around, she said. 

“He can’t rein it in,” she said. “He has a very strong personality and he doesn’t like to take orders from other people. The social game is really hard for him.”

Andrea Boehlke, 23, of Random Lake, Wis. 

Boehlke, who hosts the web-based reality fitness shop “Fit or Flop,” could succeed, Underwood said, partially because of her “flirtatious” nature.

“I think Andrea will do really well,” Underwood said. “She’s really good at the social game. She was good in challenges. She has a good shot.”

However, Underwood said, she herself would be wary about allying with Boehlke.

“I’m not sure about her trustworthiness in an alliance. I thought she was kind of wishy washy,” she said.

Malcolm Freberg, 25, of Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Bartender Freberg’s laid-back attitude and attentiveness to the strategic impact of his decisions landed him in fourth place during the show’s most recent season, which aired last fall. 

“From the favorites, I think Malcolm will do the best,” she said. “He’ll be playing two back-to-back seasons, so that will be interesting to watch. He played such a good game the first time.”

John Cochran, 25, of Washington, D.C. 

Cochran, a nervous law student with an encyclopedic knowledge of the show, will go far, Underwood predicted.

“He’s like a ‘Survivor’ freak of nature and loves the show so much,” Underwood said. “He knows it so well and that’s an advantage. He’s probably run thorough every scenario in his head a hundred times, so he’ll know the right move to make.”

Francesca Hogi, 38, of Washington, D.C. 

Hogi, an attorney, became the first person voted out in her season, an ouster that Underwood participated in. Now, Underwood said, she thinks Hogi will go far. 

“She’s easy to relate to, she’s honest. If she was in an alliance with you, I think she would keep her word,” Underwood said.

Brenda Lowe, 30, of Miami, Fla. 

Lowe, who owns a paddleboard company, dominated the early part of her season but refused to scramble to improve her position when the game turned against her. 

This time around, Underwood predicted Lowe will be the first player ousted.

“I think people know that Brenda’s really smart,” Underwood said. “She kind of pulled the strings. I think she’ll be seen as a threat right off the bat.” 

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