Since females still retain the “right” to kill their children, men should have an equal right not to be a father.

Definition of male abortion: All men who impregnate a woman shall receive the opportunity to resign all responsibilities and attachment to the child if it is determined to be unwanted up until the first trimester.

The steps involved:

* If the man decides he doesn’t want the child, he must sign a document relinquishing him of all rights to fatherhood meaning that he may not have any form of contact with the child once it is born.

* Decision of the man may be made up to 2 weeks before the end of the first trimester so that the woman will have time to decide whether she wants to keep it.

* If the woman decides to have an abortion, the male must pay 50 percent of procedure costs.

* If the woman decides to keep it, she cannot go after the father for child support or any other form of reimbursement.

* Only the mother may void the contract and grant the father semi/full custody of the child should the father decide to change his mind. The father then will have to pay all back child support from the date of the child’s birth and continue to pay child support until the child’s 18th birthday.

For too long, women have had the only say as to whether a man must be trapped into fatherhood, yet if they decide to have an abortion (or not to) men have no say whatsoever.

It’s time to end this.



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