Sensible licensing regulations and background checks for gun owners and buyers would allow owners to have the weapons they want, and permit background checks and appropriate oversight of those who wish to buy guns.

I don’t see a constitutional problem with this, as there would be no infringement on a citizen’s “right to bear arms.”

It seems to me that if all sellers could check every purchase of a weapon or bullets to be certain that there were no restrictions in a buyer’s background, all could have what they want.

A waiting period may be needed to get the necessary inquiry done, but asking the public for a few days, if needed, before the sale could be complete is not too long.

We do the same for driving licenses (remember being 16 and hoping you passed the test?), new restaurants, contractors for highways and homes, etc. I don’t hear anybody arguing that waiting for their town to grant a permit to build the addition to their house or asking for the plans should they wish to do so, is overly burdensome.

Permitting and licensing are both parts of the public interest in safety. Why not do the same for guns?

Richard Fein


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