Like many thinking and experienced Mainers, I am concerned about the latest efforts of the misguided and ignorant to disarm us, the law-abiding American citizens.

Much of the proposed new gun legislation will infringe upon the right of American citizens to be able to defend ourselves from violent criminal attack.

Throughout the history of our great nation, the U.S. government has been prohibited from infringing upon this right by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Because of the effects of many years of indoctrination within the public education system (gun = evil), however, prejudice against the value of firearms is beginning to show itself in the mind of the populace.

I want to debunk the myth that no one would ever need a gun with more than six shots.

The greatest and simplest evidence against this fallacy is the nearly universal practice of our nation’s law enforcement personnel. They use high-capacity weapons because they learned long ago through the needless deaths of many officers that a revolver’s six shots are often not sufficient, especially when dealing with multiple aggressors.

If professional law officers, with their experience and rigorous training, still need more than six shots, how can one conclude that the non-professional law-abiding citizen needs a gun with less ammo capacity?

Law enforcement agencies only respond to violence, they are limited in their ability to derail violent crime. An armed citizen is the greatest deterrent to acts of violence, and the handgun has been the greatest of tools for this purpose. For personal protection, the hand gun is an equalizer when faced with the greater strength and preparation of the professional criminal.

Steven Conley


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