Like many of those caught up in climate change hysteria, on Saturday, Feb. 2 (letter), Robert G. Marvinney of Readfield hyperventilates over potential sea level rise. He parrots statistics from the U.S. Geological Survey concerning current ice-out in Maine as being approximately 9 to 16 days earlier than 150 years ago while excoriating M.D. Harmon for being a “denier.”

To that he breathlessly informs us of a 7-inch rise in the Portland sea-level over the past century which could lead to tides encroaching another 50 feet inland. I suppose he’s never heard of the last ice age that seems to have come to an end some 10,000 years ago and along with it’s demise the rising sea-level rolling in a hundred miles or so when the glaciers melted. There are some timeless maxims that state “if you live near the water you’re gonna get wet,” and “if you build at the edge of the ocean you’re begging for trouble.” Does any rational person argue with that observation?

Alternating climate cycle swings from hot to cold and back again have been occurring for quite some time in the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. But he does show some inclination towards rationality at the end of his letter when he states “we should all agree to work together to adapt to these changes …” and as soon as those who wring their hands in constant fear calm down perhaps they’ll come to accept that Mother Nature will do as she pleases.

Jerry Bono


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