MADISON — Madison Area Memorial High School announced its second quarter honor roll.

Seniors — high honors: Mackenzie Cayford, Hunter Clark, Raeanne Curtis, Alexandra McClintock, Daniel Moreshead, Shelly Rackliff, Alison Theberge and Patrick Toribio.

Honors: Jasmine Barron, Samantha Bruce, Logan Bruneau, Cortny Edgerly, Kadiya Ireland, Jacob Johnson, Steven Lawrence, Sierra LeBlanc, Rhett McKenney, Matthew McLaughlin, Alex Morrow, Anh Nguyen, Dylan Price, Levi Richardson, Alyssa Smith, Kylie Spaulding and Sydnee Tibbetts.

Honorable mention: Jennifer Allen, Kayla Booker, Alex Currie, Krysta Johnson, Shakora Laney, Dan Mantor, Kaleb Staples and Brandon Turcotte.

Juniors — high honors: Kristin Bishop, Tiffany Camire, Joshua Girgis, Justin Hadley, Christopher Hayden, Alexandria Jarvais, Savanna Kandiko, Emily McKenney, Ericka Potvin, Anika Schaefer, Thomas Serbis and Kirsten Wood.

Honors: Savannah Abbott, Inge Allen, Kaitlyn Babin, Haley Farrin, Isaac Friend, Whitney Lloyd, Ashley Peters, Hunter Smith, Cristie Vicneire and Brittney Watt.

Honorable mention: Jasmine Avery, Savannah Bachelder, Trisha Corson, Ron Helderman, Briana Oliver, Ross Sirois, Misty Waters and Ross Withee.

Sophomores — high honors: Timothy Beaulieu, Nichola Berry, Mona Bussell, Ty Cowan, Madison Curtis, Olivia Demchak, Lanie Howes, Mark Linkletter and Monica Ouellette.

Honors: Danielle Allen, Cameo Ashby, Logan Aube, Ashley Avery. Jeffrey Bearor, Wyatt Boss, Keith-Paul Carpenter, Derek Clark, Bodie Currie, Jordan Curtis, Hezekiah Faucett, Rebekah Griffeth, Benjamin Henry, Jayden Ireland, Emily Knox, R. Jared Miller and Donica Richardson.

Honorable mention: Marisa Bodemer, Delancy Davis, Bronte Elias, Tristan Emery, Dalton Lake, Jared Lightbody, Tori McLaughlin and Sarek Paine.

Freshmen — high honors: Kayla Bess, Sarah Blomerth, Emma Dimock, Aly LeBlanc, Summer Libby, Zachary Linkletter, Chase Malloy, Devin Mercier, Noah Shibley and Erin Whalen.

Honors: Rowan Bagley, Brennan Barney, Robert Christopher, Miranda Corson, Matthew Curtis, Seth Dillon, Tanner Johnson, Mackenzie Kelley, Tanica King, Xzavier LeBlanc, Tiara Meng, Emily Oliver, Alicia Phillips, Kaylee Piccolo, Blair Thebarge, Ben Toribio and Taylor Wright.

Honorable mention: Cassity Ashby, Casiana Collette, Briar Edgerly, Meltiah Greene, Duncan Mclain, Miranda Schmidt, Tyler Tozier and Joshua Vanadestine.

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