Time change for alcohol purchases is not warranted.

It really burns me watching our lawmakers put limits on smoking, and fighting to keep marijuana illegal to the people of Maine, but yet they’re preparing to pass a law allowing alcohol to be bought an hour earlier than the current time of 6 a.m., all because a couple of people complained they have to wait an extra hour after work to get a drink or two. How many people are really that upset? I can’t imagine enough to actually get a law changed over it.

I’m sure it’ll pass with flying colors. The elixir destroys many lives and families, as well as alcohol-related deaths on our highways we read about so often. People get fined for smoking cigarettes in public places or arrested for smoking a joint in their own surroundings not bothering a soul.

But our lawmakers can focus on the sale of alcohol in the early morning hours to accommodate the few people who can’t wait until 6 a.m. to get their fix (or should I say drink). So let’s get dangerous drivers sipping their brew just a little bit earlier.

Maybe the rest of us can get our favorite department store or even the place we get our doughnuts every day to open a bit earlier, because we just can’t wait. Maybe it’s just common sense to buy our favorite treats the day before so to not have to wait.

Todd Pooler


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