We’re finally recognizing the “gateway” drug is now (maybe always was) pills. I’ve read that somewhere; I’m not sure.

That fact comes to mind while I contemplate the issues involved with a woman facing all kinds of financial fraud.

I’m quick to scream about psych medications being involved with school shootings. I think pointing fingers at guns as the problem is misguided. The statistics are dismal. Pharmaceutical drugs kill too many.

The deaths attributable to psychiatric medications need to include suicides, not just mass shootings. Then add in deaths from bad drugs such as Vioxx (which, according to Food and Drug Administration, killed nearly 28,000 people) and bad reactions to good drugs.

Pharmaceuticals kill more people than auto accidents. Sadly, it’s getting worse.

This woman is stealing, on disability, making more money than I can earn working real hard. I’m speculating, but consider that whatever injury led to this disability claim likely began with a pain prescription.

I don’t know she had/has a drug problem, but I know others. Adding insult to injury, people are treated for pill addictions with other pills, which leads to other problems.

Have you seen innocent people get hooked on pain medications? I scream about how pills are responsible for deaths. Let’s not forget the destruction. How much crime is a result of pill addiction? How many in prison? How much domestic violence is attributable to pills? How many? Too many.

Forget more gun control laws. First, we should teach gun safety to every school student. Second, anyone who lives with someone taking psychiatric medications should lock their weapons. They should not be accessible to pill-takers. Third, we shouldn’t allow pharmaceutical ads on television.

Sorry, there isn’t a pill to keep us safe.

Dean DeWitt

China Village

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