Let’s see: Barack Obama spends like a drunken sailor, cries like a spoiled brat when he can’t spend more, bullies for one-sided legislation and feigns amazement when those laws near fruition. Hmmm, when he will receive his Oscar?

Mark my words, Obama will:

* Blame Republicans, conservatives and the tea party.

* Talk loudly and often about the damage sequestration (D.C.’s fancy word for automatic cuts) from both non-defense and defense spending (granny will once again be thrown off the cliff)

* Insist he be given free rein on the debt ceiling (which is there why?).

* Once more proclaim huge-spending-now combined with never-to-be-seen-future-spending-cuts (not the reduction in spending increases that politicians flout as cuts) are the only real answers.

Problem is, we’ve been through this, and not in the distant past.

Just last summer, sequestration is exactly the legislation Obama pushed for so desperately.

The story line goes like this: Nation hits debt ceiling. No surprise, with Obama’s trillion dollar annual deficits (the first in our 237-year history). Obama insists ceiling be raised, or else; gets wish. Nation hits ceiling again. Obama re-insists it be expanded; promotes legislation tying the ceiling increase immediately with future cuts. Congressional panel creates new bill which, if enacted by Thanksgiving, would avoid sequestration. No such bill created. Obama now lobbies against the very sequestration he begged for less than a year ago.

And on top of that, he recently sends billions of dollars in fighter planes and tanks to Egypt.

Question: How can Democrats blame Republicans for spending problems when they refuse to have a single Senate floor vote on any of the 12 bills comprising the nation’s annual budget in more than 1,200 days?

Greg Paquet


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