Has anyone been noticing that our country/economy has been in dire disarray for the past 12 years?

It looks like at least another four until we have a chance of getting a decent president. What is very sad is it has been said that Barack Obama’s popularity is increasing. I guess voters love losers cause they voted George W. Bush and Obama each in twice. I truly believe these two men will go down in history as the two worst presidents this country has ever had. No wonder we are in a mess and the laughing stock of the world.

I watched the debates and not either candidate really addressed the real issue of our failing economy, much less any real solutions. Gas and oil prices are the main reasons. Ever since Bush, the price of gas and oil has been out of control.

Unless we get the prices below $2 per gallon, we’ll never fix our economy.

I wish I could explain to Obama as well as our Congress and Senate just how easy it is. I saw in the paper the other day that each family spends about $2,900 per year on gas. In Maine, oil must add another $2,000.

If prices were cut in half, this economy would pick up. People would start getting ahead, more jobs should be created as the spending would increase and fewer people would be on food stamps.

Unless we the people band together and say enough is enough, our government/economy won’t change. Our government and the oil companies have to know that this is our country and not just theirs. We can’t allow greedy oil companies and our corrupt government keep ruining our economy. We owe it to ourselves and especially to our children.

Ed Rowe


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