I have been trying to decide for months which I think is more corrupt: politicians of both parties or the mainstream media. I am unhappy with both, but I feel it is the liberal-biased media. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, liberal media will edit it, take it out of context or just omit as much as possible.

I think the media are the biggest threat to American democracy. The media had an important role at one time to provide information and truth to the people.

Instead of doing that, they have become the decider of whom we should elect and what truth we may know, or not know.

The liberal media have become the manipulators of the truth. The media are a threat to the Republic. They seem to need to prove to themselves that they have the ability to shape opinions.

How much did we see in the local paper or hear on local television about “fast and furious” gun sales or about the coverup in Benghazi? The liberal press decided we did not have the right to know much about these issues.

They would have us believe they were only political attacks, political theater. Not so, those were major events.

“What difference does it make now?” asked Hillary Clinton.

Well, the families of those killed and the American people have a right to know.

Without truth, one cannot make wise decisions. Without truth, one loses freedom of choice. Without truth, everyone is cheated.

Sheila Gibbs


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