Seldom have I seen such shallow propaganda printed in your newspaper as the commentary by Michael Reagan in the Feb. 16 edition.

His attack on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was less a commentary than a right-wing rant, something I’d have expected to see in an all-conservative or tea-party publication, not a mainstream newspaper.

I don’t have a problem with reading conservative viewpoints, it’s all part of the national debate.

The newspaper, however, at least should choose a commentary that has some kind of journalistic merit to it, not a partisan rant by some ideologue who seems to have nothing more going for him than his famous conservative father’s last name.

I’m sure Reagan makes a good living trading on his father’s name and preaching to the ultra-conservative choir with junk like this, but I expect better judgment from the editors of the newspaper when selecting what to put in the limited space of the opinion page.

Ben Keene


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