ANSON — Residents will vote on whether to adopt a new ordinance regulating the use of consumer fireworks and elect two new selectmen when they meet Saturday for the annual town meeting.

The proposed fireworks ordinance is one of 52 articles in the town warrant that will be voted on starting at 2:30 p.m. at Carrabec High School. Elections are scheduled for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and also will be held at the high school. There are three candidates for two seats on the Board of Selectmen.

The town’s administrative assistant, Bob Worthley, said the proposed budget is close to last year’s, minus the cost of a new fire engine, for which the town paid around $400,000 last year. The proposed budget for 2013 is $1,557,850, he said. The current budget is $1,955,490 and included the cost of the firetruck.

“I am confident that this budget will hold the tax rate, although we do not know yet what the state, county and schools will contribute to taxes,” he said.

Worthley said that if the state passes proposed cuts to revenue sharing, Anson could lose $211,500. “That is money that we won’t have. We would have to cut the budget by that much, raise taxes or some combination of the two,” he said.

The changes could affect the 2014 tax rate, he said.

In this year’s budget, he said, the largest expenses include $40,000 in proposed repairs to plow trucks and a proposed purchase of land next to the Fire Department that would cost $25,000. The land would be used for parking and could become the site of a firehouse addition, Worthley said. The plow truck repairs would be more cost-effective than buying new trucks, he said.

Also on the warrant is a proposed ordinance that would regulate the use of consumer fireworks. Worthley said the proposal arose after complaints about fireworks last Fourth of July. It would prohibit the release of fireworks within 75 feet of a structure and prohibit their use on roads and public property.

There are two open seats on the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms. Candidates include the following:

Craig Knight

Knight, 46, said he is running for office because he would like to change how money is spent in the town. A highway worker for the Department of Transportation in the town of Solon, Knight said he especially wants to focus on how money is spent in the highway department.

“If elected, I will make the best choice for the town and not for individuals,” he said.

Knight has a wife and two daughters and is the varsity softball coach at Carrabec High School. This is his first time running for office.

Arnold Luce

Luce, 56, has been a selectman for the past 18 years. He said he wants to continue to provide people with an open government.

“I don’t have a huge agenda, aside from keeping people happy and giving them what they want. I would like to keep taxes as low as possible,” he said.

Luce owns Luce’s Meats and Luce’s Maple Syrup in Anson. He has a wife and three children.

Philip W. Turner

Turner, 54, works for Poland Spring and has served one year on the board. He said he is running for re-election because he wants to make sure spending is under control.

Specifically, he said he would like to try to lower the cost of a $1.5 million road improvement project the town is planning.

“The town has lots of financial needs, and hopefully I can help take care of them,” he said.

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