Maine and the United States are on a slippery slope toward disaster.

First it was gambling casinos, then gay marriage. Now our Maine lawmakers want to legalize marijuana. What will be next? I am afraid what that will be.

When I was a child, there were ethics, morals and people trying to bring up their children to know right from wrong. Now so many parents are working that they don’t have time to lead their children the right way, let alone spend quality time with them.

We wanted casinos in Maine because it would bring in money. We wanted gays to be able to marry because it would be good business for people who plan the weddings etc.

Now we want to legalize the sale of marijuana, hoping the sale of it will bring more money. Do we really think that people are going to buy marijuana from someone selling it at prices higher than they can afford? They will buy it from the same drug dealers or friends they always bought it from.

It will just be one more law to break, making more work for the law enforcement officers.

Where were all of the Christians in Maine when all of these unethical, immoral topics were being voted on? If the Christians in Maine and in the U.S. don’t start standing up for something, all of our rights are going to be gone. God is not going to stand our immorality much longer. If we read our Bibles and stand on God’s word, he will bless us like he did in the past.

Barbara Cote


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