I was shocked to learn that Rollins Furniture store in Hallowell was going out of business.

It may be going out of business — but it will never leave this old lady’s memory. It was when they were just getting under way that I got acquainted with the store; Clarence Rollins the owner.

At that time, I was a newcomer to WRDO radio based on Water Street in Augusta. I did a daily morning show called “Katy’s Corner,” and it was my duty to contact the different sponsors of the show and update their stories.

I always looked forward to the visit with Rollins — he was a delightful man — serious, full of ideas and he gave me a great deal of assurance that he knew what he was doing. And if I questioned him, he quickly put me right.

I stopped by 82 Litchfield Road as soon as I read the story and almost relived those weekly calls nearly 60 years ago. It looks the same with son and grandson carrying out the soon-to-be-history. Not only the wares in the shop, but the surrounding area is beautiful enough to prod you to visit.

Memories are far too important to overlook. It seemed reasonable to connect the closure of this outstanding Hallowell business with my memories of it, and maybe ignite those you have. Memories, you know, don’t last forever — unless you write them down.

Katy Perry


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