Whether it’s Darwinian theory or basic logic is irrelevant. All job-seekers need to know that it’s getting increasingly difficult to land decent employment without a bachelor’s degree.

That’s not a new premise, of course. Regardless of the field, four-year degrees have long been seen as a needed pathway to a better life and sustainable employment. While today’s trends show that bachelor’s degrees are indeed needed, they’re often earning job-seekers positions that pay low and require menial tasks.

In other words, today’s BA is fast becoming yesterday’s high school diploma. And the trickle-down effect that has on high-school grads seeking work is obvious.

Recently, a New York Times story explained how companies such as law firms now often require four-year degrees for entry-level positions such as file clerks — jobs that used to be filled by high school graduates or those with two-year degrees.

According to the Times, economists call this “degree inflation” and say this trend is spreading into positions such as dental hygienists, cargo agents and claims adjusters.

The bottom line: With high unemployment and tepid job markets, it’s now more important than ever for job-seekers to have a college degree on their resume.

Again, that’s not new.

“Degree inflation” is the real deal; it may get worse.

— The Anniston Star,

Alabama, Feb. 21

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