Here we go again with fearmonger reporting, this time regarding public access to government information. Oh, my. The public won’t be able to see who has a concealed carry permit, look at 911 calls or stick their noses into people’s private email.

Why, pray tell, does the newspaper need access to any of that, other than to assist liberal media bias with twisted, so-called news reporting? (Especially, the latest liberal opinions on gun control.)

With all the news available in this world, who cares if Joe-the-rag-man emails his cousin and discusses the results of an emergency call they heard on their radio scanner the night before and the fact that they finally got their concealed-carry permits after a three-month wait?

Why isn’t the newspaper upset and reporting about the total lack of transparency that our current federal government leaders promised during the last two campaigns?

Or about the increased federal government spending and the control they are exerting on our daily lives? The media should do their jobs and stuff their biased reporting into a sock.

Gordon Jones


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