Federal spending today is 40 percent higher today than it was six short years ago when a (gasp!) Republican was in the White House.

Our national debt has increased by 60 percent since Barack Obama became president.

The proposed $85 billion cut in federal spending mandated by the sequester that took effect Friday is only 2.3 percent of the federal budget.

(The figure $85,000,000,000 looks pretty scary when you actually look at the numbers.)

That the Senate is supposed to propose a federal budget every year but, under Democratic control, has not done so in more than three years.

Are we better off today than we were five years ago?

About 15 years ago, I saw a movie titled, “The American President.” Michael Douglas played the title role and he did his usual fine job. At the end of the movie, he gave a speech in which he said, “America isn’t easy. … We have serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them.”

By the way: How’s that $800 billion stimulus from 2009 working out?

Terence McManus

New Sharon

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