My wife and I have attended two recent meetings about the east/west corridor.

The overwhelming sense we got is that people in central Maine are firmly opposed to this project.

During both meetings, emotions ran high as those that spoke discussed the possibility of losing their homes and way of life. It was very difficult to watch as one older gentleman was near tears as he spoke about living in his close-knit community for many years, where neighbors help neighbors.

We live in rural Maine because we choose to, and have seen and experienced life in more urban areas. We do not want that lifestyle, the congestion, as well as the noise and pollution that comes along with it.

We aren’t blind to the real plan for this corridor. It isn’t about a more direct route from east to west.

The proposed highway is said to be 220 miles once complete. On existing roads, it is about 235 miles from Calais to Coburn Gore. This project is about destroying our beautiful state and our way of life.


All of Maine needs to stand together to stop this project from happening. We call upon our state leaders and those in Washington to halt this project before our state is forever altered and destroyed.

One of Maine’s slogans is “The Way Life Should Be.”

Let’s not have to change it to “The Way Life Once Was, Until Big Business Came Along And Destroyed It.”

Joe Valentim


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