Just what have this nation devolved into? The vice president advises us that when someone breaks into our house we should go outside and shoot holes in the sky. The president is so petty that, just to make the Republicans look bad, he would rather gut the military, leaving us much more vulnerable in a vicious world, than deal with the latest doomsday scenario.

He beats bleats that the sequester will be horrific, while his justice department releases illegal immigrants detained in the southwest before it even goes into effect.

He has the power to shift money around so as to lessen whatever minimal impact the budget cuts will produce yet refuses to do so. Even after the Republicans offer legislation that would increase his discretion to do just that, he wants no part of it.

We could hear him beep as he backed away from any responsibility to “protect and defend” the American public as he conspires to extract as much pain from us as possible under these circumstances. His tactic is to keep us in a constant state of panic so that he can help us “get our collective mind right” by following his directives blindly.

Anyone who’s been through boot camp can recognize the strategy.

Jerry Bono


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