Much has been made about a recent incident in which more than 80 Colby College students were summonsed as minors in possession of alcohol, and two students were arrested on a charge of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol.

Such activity may strike some as typical college hijinks. We don’t agree and believe much should be made of this incident.

The matter is still under investigation, and the college will evaluate each student’s alleged involvement separately based on the facts.

The preliminary information, however, suggests that those who are responsible for the incident have done more than violate college policies; they also may have violated Maine law.

Some people may view this sort of thing as an unavoidable part of college life, but the behavior was a violation of community standards and an affront to those who live nearby and in the community.

The banners hanging downtown celebrating Colby College’s partnership with Waterville are more than just a well-meaning gesture. They are a tangible demonstration of Colby’s commitment to the partnership with the city that has played such a critical role in its history, a commitment that should not be judged based on the acts of a few but rather on our two centuries of partnership.


Jim Terhune, vice president

Student Affairs and

Dean of Students

Colby College


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