Who is the rocket scientist who came up with the idea of a six-month-long parking ban on all streets in Augusta?

Most municipalities declare a ban during snow emergencies, such as when it snows. Not here.

People who live and work within the city are required to register with the police department, providing personal information such as address and phone number, in order to be placed on a list of people who are granted the “privilege” of parking in front of their own homes.

Snow emergencies, as a matter of common sense, usually involve snow. For the police to ticket vehicles in the name of this absurd ordinance on a perfectly clear night is unnecessary and oppressive. So is calling people at 3 o’clock in the morning to move their cars for snow removal.

For 25 years, I lived in Boston — a city of several million people — and there is no such outrageous solution to snow and parking issues. Parking bans are put in place when it snows, not for the entire six months of winter.

Maybe our city planners should look at what other cities do and learn from it.

Bill Curry


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