It’s commendable that attention is finally to be give to Bernard Langlais’ iconic wooden Indian statue.

No matter what is to be done, however, the problem is: Location! Location! Location! Every time I park my car in the lot where it stands, I feel sorrow, not only for its neglected state, but also that it should stand in such an unattractive area. It’s a parking lot, for goodness sake.

No one goes there to gaze and marvel at a piece of art. I bet there are lots of folk who don’t even know it’s there.

I’m sure that when Langlais erected his work, the landscape was quite different.

Although it might be difficult and expensive, the most compassionate thing would be to move the statue to the head of an island that overlooks a swift-flowing river. That’s how we can restore the Indian’s dignity.

Anna Freeman

West Athens

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