Is democracy failing in Fairfield?

As a proud resident of Fairfield and former member of the Town Council, I am weary of the eroding conditions evident in Fairfield’s government.

Taxpayer dollars go toward the services residents receive for police, fire, public works and the town office staff. Until recently, we have enjoyed a high level of service.

I understand the number of the town’s police officers is currently down three.

Management of Fairfield’s PD is done by Waterville.

All due respect to Chief Joseph Massey, he has his hands full in Waterville and the autonomy, culture and expectations mandate that Fairfield differs from Waterville.

Our citizens deserve being a priority and should never be put at risk of second place or hindsight or neglect by their council’s misdirected decisions.

Although budget dollars are challenged, Fairfield’s residents have time and time again, supported their police, fire, public works and office staff. I believe there is a lack of concern for the safety of Fairfield residents.

We witness increasing crime every day, yet our police force is reduced.

We witness more extreme weather and need our public works to continue excellence.

Our firefighters deserve better than forced reductions to their working conditions, and our professionals in the office provide great service.

We need to get our PD back, focus on the taxpayers’ needs and elect a town council that prioritizes its obligation to residents, not an unelected manager.

Decision-making leadership should be elected, not appointed.

Ernest Canelli III


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