Laws, laws and more laws! Some places try to make laws that a person cannot buy a 48-ounce soft drink, some want to place a tax on bicycles and now some are trying to restrictions the rights granted by our Second Amendment.

The government is for the people and by the people, and if the people do not pay attention some foolishness is going to cause some serious issues in our great country.

Why do the politicians want our guns? The Second Amendment is there to protect the people against a tyrannical government.

If the issues with a few very terrible killings are reason to take away what made this country great, something elsewhere may be the cause.

Why don’t people look at the games the young are playing? These video games, many made in other countries may be a partial cause of some violence. These games show killings, beheadings, hearts and throats being pulled out and other grotesque reality that is causing young people to think in unusual ways.

Many foreign countries want to injure the USA, maybe these games are a way of changing our peaceful culture into a place that is more dangerous that it needs to be.


Lawmakers should look at these games, as well as the movies, the television shows and the words in the music that are allowed in this country.

Taking away the rights of gun owners is a fear tactic with some underlying secret agenda and it will not make this great country better. The Constitution rules.

Peter Redman


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