WATERVILLE — A food drive is under way this month as part of an effort to draw continued awareness about missing toddler Ayla Reynolds.

The “Wishes For Ayla” food drive coincides with Ayla’s third birthday on April 4.

In addition to gathering food donations, the organizers are asking donors to leave birthday cards at the donation boxes in Waterville and Winslow for Ayla’s maternal side of the family.

John Pomerleau, site administrator for United4Ayla.com which is promoting the drive, wrote that the drive will be a way “for each of us to send a note to Ayla’s maternal family, at a time that should be for celebration but can’t be until Ayla is found.”

According to the site, the project was organized by members of the Facebook pages, including the Bring Baby Ayla and Baby Lisa Home page.

Pomerleau wrote the food drive is a way for the people who have united under the goal of finding Ayla to do something for the missing girl along with those in need in the community.

“We all wish we could do more for Ayla, but at this point it is Ayla who is doing so much for all of us. She has brought so many together in a common goal,” he wrote.

The donation boxes are set up at Joseph’s Market on Front Street in Waterville and Pleau’s Market on China Road in Winslow throughout April.

The site stated that the drive will raise food and donations for the NorthEast Dream Center in Winslow, which is a charitable food hub which supports food pantries and shelters throughout rural New England.

Site administrator John Pomerleau wrote “this is a way to extend the giving kindness of this angel, Ayla Bell Reynolds, to so many other needy children, families and communities.”

Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said Friday that there are no new developments in the case and the investigation is still active.

Ayla was reported missing on Dec. 17, 2011, by her father, Justin DiPietro. No one has been named as a suspect. Justin DiPietro contends that Ayla was abducted. Police say a kidnapping did not happen, and they believe the three adults who saw her last — her father, aunt Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts — are withholding information in the case.

Investigators also believe Ayla is dead.

State police are asking anyone with information about Ayla to call them at 624-7076.

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