My sister-in-law is 81 years old and in an assisted-living facility in Waterville. A nun, she has served others since joining the order of Sisters of St. Joseph’s in her teens. She taught school in the Lewiston area, served all over Maine, and even served in Africa.

Nuns take the vow of poverty. They are never allowed to have many possessions or money.

She and other residents of the facility received a letter that said they cannot leave their room for more than one night per year (down from 30).

The facility director confirmed that the residents had received this letter from MaineCare. She had to document daily if each person was actually there. The letter stated that if they stay away for more than one night, they could be charged up to $250 per day for their room.

The director said she might be able to absorb the costs if my sister-in-law wanted to visit her sister in Virginia for a week, but she didn’t know if the state would force her to give the room to someone on a waiting list.

I understand that cuts need to be made in MaineCare, but what about the younger people on it that could be working? Is this how we are going to be remembered in the future? Are we the generation that throws our elderly people into the street because they want to spend a few days with family?

Linda Grandmaison


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