I would like to address the pounding headache that I always have for days before and after Town Meeting in Unity. Many do not come to Town Meeting for this very reason.

Each year, all the residents of Unity are required to give generously to charities recommended by a select few in town. I realize that these charities have to produce signatures in order to be recognized by the Budget Committee. I also realize that those who make up the Budget Committee are good and generous, upstanding citizens. Some have given many hours of volunteer work to our town.

The question is not whether organizations such as Waldo Community Action Partners help others; obviously they do. I believe, however, the system to fund it is abused.

We do not all agree about these charities, but we do agree that our roads need to be repaired, our schools need to be funded, and we need a town office. Our priorities are askew.

The poor in our midst are not helped by just WCAP. There is also Wings of Love, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Open Door, and many other organizations, churches and individuals that help the needy in town.

How would the townfolk like to be forced to give to the charities of my choice, or Homeschoolers of Maine, which serves many children in our area? I didn’t think so. Charitable giving should be freewill, given from the heart.


It was particularly disturbing to see funding given to the organization that had our own selectman so clearly distraught.

I am sorry that the young woman in the crowd became so upset with all of this. I am glad that she was given help when she needed it, and I sincerely wish her all the best that life has to offer.

Lynn Marie Warman


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